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Illinois EPA Adopted New Rules for Monitoring Lead Service Lines


Dear Resident,

The Illinois EPA has adopted new rules/regulations regarding the monitoring of lead service lines within communities.  Beginning this year, 2023, a physical "hands on" inventory will be completed by the Village to include photographic documentation of the service lines within the Village.  While it is believed that there are very few lead services lines in the Village, the completion of a physical inspection and documentation will potentially relieve the Village of any future reporting requirements through the EPA. So, beginning this summer a representative from the Village will be going door to door to complete an inspection and photograph the service line coming into the residence/business. If you are not home during the initial visit, a notice will be left for whom you can contact to schedule a date/time, The impact should be minimal as this inspection should only last a few minutes.  The Village will be completed in phases, so your location may not be inspected for some time, but it will be completed at some point.  If you have questions, you may contact the Village office (water operator Steve Olson) at 815-449-2218.